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We’re dedicated to providing individualized and attentive care in an environment that best suits your child’s needs.


At Constellation Kids, we provide a variety of therapy services for children of different ages and levels of function. All delivered by our highly experienced and compassionate therapists. 

Early Intervention for In-Home ABA Therapy is The Key

Early intervention can have a heightened effect on the progress of your child’s treatment. Research has proven, the earlier a child engages in ABA therapy, the greater the success. That’s why receiving intervention as early as possible is so crucial. 

We Proudly Serve the Following Areas

In-Home ABA Therapy
School-Based Therapy Services

Rhode Island

School-Based Therapy Services (Providence)


School-Based Therapy Service (Luzerne)


In-Home ABA Therapy


In-Home ABA Therapy (Houston)
School-Based Therapy Services (Lewisville)


School-Based Therapy Services (Tucson)

Most Insurance Accepted

Not sure if your insurance covers ABA therapy? We can help. We’re experts in insurance and ABA coverage and will be with you every step of the way.

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School-Based Therapy Services