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Center-Based ABA Therapy

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Our center-based ABA therapy services provide your child with access to evidence-based ABA therapy in a setting similar to their peers while giving them access to a structured and supportive environment.

Center-based ABA therapy allows for:

Social skills development.

therapy from exceptionally trained Behavior Technicians.

Intensive supervision by BCBA clinicians.

A flexible and collaborative environment that promotes generalization of skills to their day-to-day environment.

Allows for access to a variety of evidence-based techniques (NET, DTT, etc.) specific to your child’s needs.

Access to parent training in a controlled environment.

Our ABA Therapy Centers:
Why Choose Center-Based ABA for Your Child:

Our centers are tailored specifically to providing intensive ABA therapy to young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We build them to reflect the local community that we serve and the environment your child will encounter with their peers in the home, school and community. Our center-based program allows your child to have access to:

A customized learning environment to support developing a variety of skills.

Expertly trained staff with ongoing support from supervisors and ongoing professional development.

Frequent collaboration with BCBAs and BTs to monitor your child’s progress and update treatment plans/goals.

A fun and dynamic learning environment where your child can learn amongst their peers.

Center-Based ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child

Reduce Problem Behavior

Acquire Daily Living Skills

Develop social and Play Skills

Develop Language & Communication Skills

Encourage Joint Attention

Explore new foods

Transition Between

Emotional Regulation

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