About Us
Our Story
Constellation Kids is a family-owned company that has been proudly providing therapy services to children for over 25 years. 

Starting as a school-based therapy provider focused in occupational and physical therapy in Connecticut, our program has grown in the number of states and services we provide. 

Through this journey, we saw a growing need for ABA therapy services.  

While most organizations were focused on clinic-based services, we felt the children would be best served where the behaviors occur the most…in the home. 

That is what drove Constellation Kids to create a dedicated in-home ABA program that would focus solely on improving the lives of children with autism in their homes. These children are able to achieve their greatest potential each and every day with our hand-selected staff that we can’t be any prouder of.
Our Focus​

Our focus is simple. To improve the lives of children and their families in the home or school setting.  We strive to create a pleasant, streamlined experience that advances the goals of each child and family no matter their environment.

We Proudly Serve the Following Areas

In-Home ABA Therapy
School-Based Therapy Services

Rhode Island

School-Based Therapy Services (Providence)


School-Based Therapy Service (Luzerne)


In-Home ABA Therapy


In-Home ABA Therapy (Houston)
School-Based Therapy Services (Lewisville)


School-Based Therapy Services (Tucson)

Our Team
At Constellation Kids, our staff are at the core of who we are. We pride ourselves on hand-picking our therapists and support staff to ensure your child is receiving care from highly skilled, trained, and friendly team members. 

Our culture as a family-owned, family-operated business makes us a tight-knit team where everyone contributes to ensure your child’s success. This family-style atmosphere creates a collaborative approach where our therapists work hand-in-hand with you and your family members to make lasting changes.

Our in-home ABA program is led by clinical supervisors who are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) devoted to creating and implementing treatment plans that are unique to your child with the ultimate goal of significant and visible progress. The BCBAs train our Behavior Technicians (BTs) to follow the treatment plan and programming at every in-home session for up to 40 hours per week.

Our School Based Therapy division is led by a seasoned Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of leadership in the space.

I feel rewarded having had you as a BCBA. You possess great qualities…most especially in dealing with my child. I am thankful for Constellation ABA services!

Early Intervention for In-Home ABA Therapy is The Key

Early intervention can have a heightened effect on the progress of your child’s treatment. Research has proven, the earlier a child engages in ABA therapy, the greater the success. That’s why receiving intervention as early as possible is so crucial.

Don’t wait another day!
We’re Here For You
In-Home ABA

Bringing therapists to your home and working around your schedule is our way of making in-home ABA therapy as convenient and comfortable as possible for you and your child.

School-Based Therapy

Contracting with Constellation Kids for services in the schools takes the burden of staffing needs, clinical oversight, and efficient productivity per staff member off your shoulders, driving savings and clinical outcomes. This means more time for you and your district to focus on other elements within the school.

Constellation Kids in-home ABA program is a preferred provider for most major insurance companies, plus we have an on-staff insurance expert to help you navigate through the process.

Improve Your Child’s Life Today With At-Home ABA or School-Based Services
School-Based Therapy Services